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As long as there are at least 10 players in a Gazebo DvZ game, players can earn achievements. Achievements are earnable awards that recognize somewhat rarer events that occur to players and their team over the course of a game. Achievements cannot be earned until monsters are released, and the reward for doing them is server XP.

There are 4 categories of achievements; Dwarf, Hero, Monster, and General, and 3 levels of achievements; Common, Rare, and Team. Common achievements can be earned multiple times but only show for all players once when first unlocked, Rare can be unlocked and earned multiple times and shows for all players each time, and Team can be earned repeatedly and are unlocked as long as you are on the team it is earned for at that point of the game.

Similar to achievements are quests, which are achievements that run for a limited time but have progress persist from game to game in that time period. These are listed on their own page.

Dwarf Achievements

Dwarf achievements are those earned while playing dwarf. If the achievement is prefaced with “as a dwarf”, it cannot be earned by players which are playing heroes that game.

Common Dwarf Achievements

  • Hearty Brew - Activate your Healing Ale with only 0.5 hearts remaining.
    • This achievement only activates if the dwarf is in combat when they trigger the Healing Ale.
  • Dwarven Brew - Have 10 status effects active at once.
    • This achievement can be earned through the use of positive and negative status effects, and burning counts as a status effect.
  • Aerial Wizardry - As a dwarf, use a launch pad and slay a monster before you land.
    • This achievement can be earned after using a gold or iron launch pad.
  • Topsy Turvy - Slay 20 upside down monsters in a single game.
  • What Goes Up - As a dwarf, survive a Super Creeper explosion.
    • This achievement is earned once fall damage occurs after the launch.
  • Devout Worship - Regenerate 500 shrine health in a single game.
    • Shrine health is regenerated by standing within the shrine capture region as a dwarf.
  • Recommissioned - Fully restore all 4 broken pieces of armor using a single Wiggly Wrench.
    • Restoring armor does not require a Wiggly Wrench to be fully channelled, as such, a simple left click that returns those armor pieces is all that is necessary.

Rare Dwarf Achievements

  • Going Commando - Slay an Iron Golem whilst one of your armor pieces is missing.
    • The dwarf only needs to get the final killing blow to unlock this achievement.
  • Rapid Fire - As a dwarf, get a combo shot of 50 or greater.
  • PROC and Roll - As a dwarf, roll a powerful rampage for 2 minutes.
  • Priority Mail - Kill a Blaze Cannon by deflecting a fireball into it.
    • A fireball cannot be deflected with melee attacks, and can only be deflected by shooting an arrow at it.
  • Quarry Run - After the gold has run dry, gather and deposit 100 gold.
    • This gold must be obtained after the total gold hits 0 at least once.
  • Ranger Danger - As a dwarf, get 200 bow kills in a single game while maintaining at least 70% accuracy.
    • Shots that are hit while in a bow-nerf scenario (being under a roof or within 5 blocks of the target) count as a miss.
  • Last Stand - As the last dwarf standing, hold the final dwarven shrine for 5 minutes.

Dwarf Team Achievements

  • Thor’s Zealots - Restore a shrine to full from 5% health.
  • Impenetrable Defense - Get 1000 kills without the shrine taking any damage.

Hero Achievements

Hero achievements can only be earned on the hero stated in the achievement itself.

Common Hero Achievements

  • Old Man’s Bold Plan - As Bruce Willakers, successfully get a powerful rampage from a bow PROC.
    • A bow PROC is possible to gain with Virendra if Bruce fires an arrow and switches to Excaliju before the arrow lands.
  • Purifying Flames - As Roamin The Paladin, slay 70 monsters using Holy Purifier with a single tank of gas.
    • Flames from the Holy Purifier do travel through monsters, meaning each flame can kill more than one monster.
  • Fortified - As Lance Willakers, provide an AoE resistance buff to 10 dwarves at the same time.
    • The AoE resistance buff is provided by holding the Runeblessed Shield, not the global right-click buff: Resolute.

Rare Hero Achievements

  • A Massive Collection - As Nisovin's Illusion, trap 7 different types of monsters in a single wormhole.
    • The full list of monster classes is as follows: Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Digging Zombie, Wolf, Rat, Spiderling, Venomburner, Iron Golem, Super Creeper, Blaze Cannon, Broodmother, Death’s Servant.
  • Emergency Christening - As Roamin, provide 50 hearts of healing with a single use of your Holy Water.
  • Ether Energy - As Lady Lorelei, grant rampages to 5 dwarves with a single beam of the Ethereal Longbow.
    • A single monster killed by the beam can provide all dwarves close to it a rampage, not just one.

Monster Achievements

Monster achievements are those earned while playing monster. Certain achievements can only be earned while playing certain monster classes.

Common Monster Achievements

  • Burning Sensation - As a Fire Skeleton, ignite 10 dwarves with conflagration.
    • This achievement requires the final tier 3 upgrade for Fire Skeleton: Conflagration, to be unlocked.
  • A Not So Safefall - Throw a dwarf to their death.
    • This achievement is possible to be earned by killing a dwarf with a Super Creeper, as long as they die to the fall, not the explosion.
  • Decommissioned - Break a piece of dwarven armor.
    • The monster only needs to get the final blow to break the armor piece to unlock this achievement.
  • PROC Blocked - Slay a rampaging dwarf.
  • Beyond the Grave - As a Zombie, rebirth and kill the dwarf which previously killed you.
    • The Zombie must kill the dwarf in the life they use their rebirth in.
  • Per-HISS-tent - As a Creeper, successfully explode after having your fuse cancelled 6 times.
  • Baker’s Dozen - As a Creeper, destroy 13 cakes with a single explosion.
  • Money Hungry - As a Broodmother, successfully steal 100 gold using awakened rats.
    • Gold the Broodmother personally steals does not count to this goal, but this can be done over multiple Broodmother lives.
  • Siege Support - As a Blaze Cannon, provide absorption buffs to 50 monsters.
  • Shield Slayer - Destroy a shrine shield before it naturally expires.
    • This achievement can be unlocked by breaking the first night shield on the first shrine, or the 30 second shield on subsequent shrines.
    • Only the monsters on the shrine at the time it has its shield broken will unlock the achievement.

Rare Monster Achievements

  • Double Kill - Kill 2 dwarves within 10 seconds.
  • Hat Trick - Kill 3 dwarves with 3 different monster classes in a single game.
    • This achievement requires only a total of 3 dwarf kills, so 1 kill with each different monster class.
    • Monster classes don’t only include the 3 base classes; Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, it also includes the Special Monsters.
  • Highway Robbery - Kill a dwarf carrying at least 100 gold.
  • Combat Rat - As a Rat, slay a dwarf.
    • This achievement unlocks if the dwarf death message says they were slain by a rat. This means if a rat is the last monster to hit a dwarf before they die, they will get the kill and thus the achievement as well.
  • Highway to Hell - As a Servant of Death, keep a doom portal open for 3 minutes.
  • Mana Guru - Spawn as a Servant of Death before 1500 seconds have elapsed.
  • NUCLEAR! - As a Super Creeper, throw 4 dwarves into the sky with a single explosion.
    • The dwarves don’t necessarily need to die after being launched.

Team Monster Achievements

  • Back Capped - Break a shrine’s shield and capture it within 60 seconds of activating.
  • High Pressure - Keep final shrine below 100% health for 5 minutes.

General Achievements

General achievements are those earned playing as any class. These achievements should trigger no matter if the player is a dwarf, hero, or monster.

Common General Achievements

  • Triple Threat - Earn three achievements in one game.
    • Any combination of Dwarf, Hero, or Monster achievements will fulfil this requirement.
    • While they may not show for all players, repeating achievements does count towards this achievement.