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Over the course of the year there are a number of events that occur for a short time. During these events, some game mechanics will differ and there will be a quest tailored to that event for the duration. The past events are listed below.

April Event

Occurring around April Fools Day, the April Event has changes based around mechanics that are more fun than being completely balanced. The following features have been exclusive to the event.


Super horse.png
Main article: SuperHorse

During the April Event SuperHorse is guaranteed to spawn in every game, regardless of size. He also does not impede the spawning of other heroes.



A Special Monster with the ability to pick up monsters by right clicking their Chicken Talons, Chickens are fairly weak but can help monsters such as the Iron Golem and Blaze Cannon overcome their Slowness debuffs. They have an amount of innate Speed and can also crouch when falling to float down slowly.



A Special Monster with the ability to jockey dwarves, substantially impairing their ability to fight. They are equipped with the Slimey Saddle, which when right clicked on a dwarf will place the Slime on their head.

When riding a dwarf, that dwarf is poisoned, unable to rampage, and has a much larger hitbox. Monsters should coordinate with a Slime and go after the dwarf that has their name show up in chat, using their weakness to their advantage.

The Slime cannot ride dwarves with Knockback Resistance active, whether it be from a Dwarven Oak Shield or from their armor if they're a hero. The Slime's health will also refresh every time it switches targets, so rapidly switching between dwarves to keep health up is effective. Slimes cannot be killed with a rampage when riding a dwarf, but can when unlatched.

If the dwarf a Slime is jockeying dies, the Slime will grow in size. It can do this 2 times, and after the 2nd time the Slime will become a Magma Cube, massive in size.

Distraction Creepers

The right click on the Creeper's and Super Creeper's Explosion and Super Explosion no longer only imitates the hiss sound, but can also imitate a number of random and strange sounds. Everything from a block breaking to the sounds of a dragon dying can occur.

Quest: Showjump Showdown

For the April Event, the Quest Showjump Showdown is available, tasking players to slay 250 monsters while under the effect of SuperHorse's Horse Force. Kills only count as a dwarf or hero when under the effects of SuperHorse's Jump Boost.

Halloween Event

Occurring around Halloween, the Halloween Event changes much of the game to reflect a more spooky and scary tone. The event has a number of changes which affect the appearance of the game, such as added ambient monsters and a number of Halloween themed maps.


Super horse zombie.png
Main article: SuperHorse

Exactly the same as the April Event, SuperHorse also appears in the Halloween event, except with an amazing Zombie Horse costume. He also is not guaranteed to spawn and is only added to the Minor Hero pool.


As well as the normal AI Zombies, AI Ghosts will spawn around player Monsters near dwarves. These Ghosts function similarly to AI Zombies, except they are partially invisible and have Jump Boost.


When a dwarf dies, a cloud of bats leaves their body. Whether these bats are inside the dwarf, manifest from their released soul, or are an indication of the dwarves' vampiric nature, it is not known...

Halloween Maps

  • Nolrim Manor
  • Count Willakers
  • Unforgotten Asylum
  • Gravestone Vale
  • Dissolved Monastery

Quest: Spectre Deflector

For the Halloween Event, the Quest Spectre Deflector is available, tasking players to slay 500 ghosts. Kills only count as a dwarf or a hero.

Winter Event

Occurring around Christmas, the Winter Event puts on a seasonal layer of paint over the game as a whole but does not alter any of its core gameplay, leaving most of it to be cosmetic. Several winter maps are also played at this time, one of which is exclusive to the event itself.

Dwarven Equipment Changes

  • Candy Cane
  • Egg Nog
  • Ice Pick
  • Snow Shovel
  • Canadian Lumberjack Axe

Resource Pack Changes

A large portion of the textures in the game are changed, including monster skins such as Creeper, Zombie, etc.


During the Winter Event, Special Monsters that are slain will drop presents on the ground. Right clicking these presents as a dwarf will pick them up, increasing the counter on the sidebar for each present collected.

Winter Maps

  • Sleighnil Sanctuary
  • Snowy Valley
  • Snowy Throntodor
  • Nismas HQ

Quest: Special Delivery

For the Christmas Event, the Quest Special Delivery is available, tasking players to retrieve 750 presents collectively. Presents can only be collected as a dwarf or a hero, and each player that collects at least one present during the event will receive credit for the completion of the quest.