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There are several maps that can be played on for DvZ. Every map is very different but all strive for the same kind of “not too big” style that was common before the most recent "loadouts" version of DvZ. Every map has all the resources necessary to operate in some form or another and have at least one shrine, but most maps have at least two. Each of these sections will just be a little story write-up, and are ordered by the order of approximate map debut on the original DvZ server.


Created by: Minecraft World Generation

The sole dwarven shrine of Plains.
     Dwarves from Mount Willakers had ventured out before the attack in search of the fabled Friendship Town. When the dwarves started their journey, they brought plenty of supplies, enough to sustain a makeshift keep. Little did they know during their journey they'd be stopped in a large field by one singular shrine out in the open. The dwarves knew what to do, they set up their keep, prepared their walls, fletched their arrows, dug their pits, cut the trees and got ready to defend from the horde. 

Mount Willakers

Remake by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

Entrance to the keep of Mount Willakers.
     The original keep of the dwarves and the home to many generations of Willakers; this fortress was built to last. Using the philosophy of divide and conquer, the keep was split into two tunnels, and through teamwork and determination, the dwarves were thought to be able to drive the monsters back from whence they came!

The Bellows

Created by: Creator Unknown, Restored by the Gazebo Build Team

Overview of the keep of The Bellows.
     The dwarves ventured deep underground, where it's never day and the sky is always dark. Where everything is always lit, yet never bright. They built a circular keep under the assurance that this would protect them from any incoming monster hordes. They divided the forces in an effort to squash the problem. They harvested the Ice Tree for resources, but it was all in vain.


Created by: Creator Unknown, Rebuilt by pvjm2000, _Genn, and Tonu

The keep and front wall of Molgan.
     The dwarves, while looking for a new refuge to make a stand against the monsters, found a rather strange and colorful forest. Filled with pink, purple, and blue trees, it seemed as good a place as any to set up shop and prepare for battle. Employing a defense based around a large lava-filled pit that one must cross to enter the keep, some dwarves would inevitably find themselves floating in its firey magma, contemplating in their final moments if they should have just moved on…


Created by: Butterknife and Ladomiand, Restored by the Gazebo Build Team

The entire keep and front wall of Daragor.
     A massive stone mountain, the dwarves thought it would be difficult terrain to make a last stand against the monsters, but as it turned out, they were incredibly resourceful. Making a multi-layered symmetrical masterpiece, the dwarves were ready for almost anything. However, they were not prepared for what they would soon learn; that the mountain was home to not just the dwarves, but son to the mother of flame, Daragor himself!


Created by: Darkflux and Build Team

The bridge over the lava ravine of Dogekac.
     Founded after the Cake Knights, protector of the cake shrines, this dwarven keep was erected in homage to the great Dogekac, the Cake God. Outfitted with the newest in oven technology and with a large shrine to the Cake God himself, the dwarves and cake knights at this keep face their incoming doom!

Hold of Nolrim

Created by: MasterMegaGamer

The keep and secondary walls of Nolrim.
     Nolrim was a rather rich dwarf, a devout follower of the Paladins, and very cold hearted. He sought to impress Roamin and join his high ranks somehow. He planned a great keep, a fortress from any who looked to destroy him to show his worth.
     For this project he would need help, but that help didn't come voluntarily. For years upon years Nolrim and his slaves worked to build this fortress. As his slaves starved, and progress dwindled; Nolrim did not care. It was not until he sat in his chambers alone drinking dwarven ale that he realized he had worked everyone he had known to death without a second thought. With his construction complete and having been plunged into complete loneliness, he began to lose his mind one sleepless night after the other.
     All the humanity he ever had seemed to have been gone as he tore through an armor station with his great hammer and proceeded to deface the keep that had taken so many lives before seeing any battles. All his reason to live seemed to be gone until he heard the rumbles of an army outside his gate. It was Bruce Willakers. He learned that the old man had been cursed by Thor the thunder god, and all of dwarf kind were doomed to become horrible creatures.
     Nolrim did the only thing he could to rectify his inhumanity; he supplied and sheltered the dwarves for their inevitable demise. He knew he would follow them to the grave as well... but what he truly feared was damnation for his horrible acts.


Created by: MasterMegaGamer

The courtyard of Throntodur.
     Throntodur was carved deep into the mountains of the west, where the mountains are rich with gold, gems, and precious minerals. Quickly inhabited by thousands, the caverns grew ever deeper. It rewarded those who went looking for fortune, and their expeditions continued.
     With so much gold, the dwarves decided they would build a magnificent ornate keep to show off their wealth. Infatuated by their success, rich dwarves spent their fortunes carving solid rock into massive pillars 30 times their height. The dwarves were so obsessed by their gold that they left great veins of it in their walls just for show.
     This obsession blinded the dwarves, their hearts filled with greed and envy. They lost their foresight and cut all contact from the outside world in fear that others would come seeking a similar fortune. This proved to be a huge mistake, as they ignored the signs of Thor the thunder god's curse on Bruce Willakers and continued their gluttony ignorant, naive, and obtuse to their fate.
     The dwarves began brooding and planned to kill each other for their fortune. However, the chance for such treachery would never be given. They had a different fate, the fate shared by all of their kin. Slaughter and eternal perdition, reliving their sad, sumptuous greed tormented by demons that they themselves would soon become.

Hidden Valley

Created by: EternalNinja0

The tree and entrance to the keep of Hidden Valley.
     A ranch, and a hole dug out of a hill, leading out into a large valley. That's what the dwarves built, and it wasn't much but it did its job; to be home. As all the other keeps, this was attacked as well, and as all the others, the dwarves would fall defending their home.

Frost Hold Canyon

Created by: MegaFitzy

The first shrine and courtyard of Frost Hold Canyon.
     High in the North a group of dwarves built their home in the ice hills around a large lake, modeling the entrance around the grand keep of Mount Willakers. These dwarves worked as loggers, cutting many of the trees around and leaving the diamonds in the hills about the land. They were attacked long after the other keeps due to their solitude, and because of this they were armed to the teeth and as prepared as can be.

Great H'cet War

Created by: Rawtech Community, Rebuilt by: the Gazebo Build Team

Entrance to the keep of H'cet War.
     Marlark, the site of battle between the elves and the dwarves; this sacred battle zone would become an experience of deja vu of defense against an army. However this time, instead of an army of elves, it's a horde of the undead that aim to take the Dwarves down.

Raenil Sanctuary

Created by: Jadja

Entrance to the keep of Raenil and the bridge over the ravine.
     Dwarves of Raenil were of a higher enlightenment, praying to their gods for forgiveness and knowledge. As Bruce Willakers knew though, the gods had no remorse for the dwarves, and so using their altitude high above the RugnGorog sea these dwarves set up a sanctuary to defend against the coming hordes, hoping they wouldn't fall to their doom…

Tree of Eenoln

Created by: FizZMc

Front wall of the keep of Tree of Eenoln.
     Deep inside the Feral Mountains there was an ancient Dwarven civilization, exploiting the caves full of precious stones and living a peaceful life. Branching off the Grand Cavern, a place blessed and cursed by Thor's appearance, there was a long but narrow tunnel, which had walls made of pure gold. The Dwarves mined most of it, but the ones who headed deeper were never seen again, which made the citizens think it was cursed. A long time after, the Dwarves called the tunnel the "Cavern of Despair". Eenoln, a young brave explorer, had ventured inside of it, and found a sapling fallen to the floor. He ignored it at first, like the others did, but when his courage was replaced with fear, he ran out of the cave, grabbing the sapling on the way back. Everytime Eenoln held it, he felt a magical surge inside his veins, so he planted the tree in a hidden glade. Now, that little magical sapling is a giant tree, taller than the mountains around it. It generates a tasty liquid that is able to regenerate and heal all kinds of wounds, but also attracts evil beings never seen by the dwarven civilization before. The tree attracted the monsters, but now it's going to help the dwarves defend, or at least... try.

Grapevine Vale

Created by: dropbearloc

Front wall of Grapevine Vale.
     Hidden in a shroud of mountain, this dwarven vineyard in Laglurok was inhabited by the richest of Dwarves; and they lived comfortably within their Vale. However, they could not have been more foolish. The monsters drive to feast on shrines is unstoppable, and even Grapevine was found, a monster portal erected, and the shrines were dispatched.


Created by: Emmacakes69

Overview of the first two shrines of Sophanem.
     Hearing distress calls from the Sophanem Desert, the dwarves venture out in search of their suffering comrades. This team of dwarves came up upon a huge sand hill baked in the hot sun; this was the location of the calls. Digging into the sand, they found the remnants of a large tree and fountain, now replaced by a lava filled pool and a bloodsoaked oasis. Excavating further, the dwarves found a sphinx, and in it, a long forgotten pyramid. The dwarves dug out the area, set up shrines and walls, and researched the fallen dwarves of the area. Soon enough, they found out why the past civilization was in such distress; Anubis rose from the sands, the monsters leaped from his head, and the dwarves set out to not repeat history a second time.

Friendship Town IV

Created by: Cayoties

View over the entirety of Friendship Town IV.
     An abandoned town. A corrupted tower. And a refugee team of dwarves, that believe they have found the promised Friendship Town. However, this town, Melpomene, is the fourth report in the ever growing list of false Friendship Towns, this just becomes another blip on the radar for Bruce Willakers. A false belief. A fallen shrine. A group of dead dwarves.

Bryce Monastery

Created by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

Overview of the area between the first and second shrines of Bryce Monastery.
     On top of the Paladirnoom Plateau in the Bryce Canyon is a Monastery. Home to some of the most devout dwarvenkind had to offer; while their prayer was strong, even it could not stave off the monsters’ arrival.
     While the Abbot of Bryce Monastery insisted they continue to turn to prayer, many of the dwarves began to cast away their faith and take up their swords, asserting that the gods had forsaken them, and that they wouldn’t go down without a fight. They’d do their best to reinforce the structures laid before them, some of which had fallen into disrepair, but would eventually succumb to the same fate so many had before them.

Forgotten Asylum

Created by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

The bridge and main entrance to Forgotten Asylum.
     In the volcanic craters of Vaar-Cz'h, there lies an asylum, one long forgotten by Bruce Willakers and his dwarves. It originally housed numerous insane dwarves that thought themselves as elves and ogres and even monsters themselves! Travelling towards distress beacons further east Bruce came upon this sight, of those original inmates going back to their instincts, and defending against the monster horde for the shrine.

West Delphia

Created by: Cocoa15

The Dias Shrine on West Delphia.
     Guarded by a narrow pass lies a dwarven outpost in the Ronhorn region, West Delphia. It is rumored that the Prince Smith lives in this "Delphia", with his granite ore mines protected by the outpost in the West. As the monsters take over the region, Prince Smith sends more dwarves to defend his granite. Soon the monsters will conquer The West and come for Prince Smith himself, but using the granite ore for new and powerful weapons, the dwarves will make a formidable fight.

Satellite Outpost 12E

Created by: Imanota, with edits by Captain_M654

Overview of the first and second shrines of Satellite Outpost 12E.
     Years ago on Mount Willakers, the dwarves saw something strange happen. A group of Super Creepers amassed, and this was not an ordinary gaggle of Supers, normally about 4 or 5, no, this was over two hundred Super Creepers. All at once, this group of Supers charged at the wall and exploded at once, sending the Dwarves into space.
     Presently, the dwarves had landed on an asteroid and made an outpost in the name of Willakers. Using resources found on nearby meteorites, Nisovin was able to fashion laser weapons capable of vaporizing the monsters down back on the overworld. However, in the process of making a way home to use these weapons, a black hole opened right before the eyes of the dwarves, unleashing a whole new horde of mutated zombies upon them. This horde could withstand Nisovin's new weapons, they pushed forward upon the dwarves, and as it always seems, the dwarves would fall to the hordes of monsters, even in the depths of space.


Created by: Doom_Bringer

View of the bridges over the Rift itself.
     In one of the most inhospitable regions of the Dwarven homeland lies the Rift.
     Once an unassuming landscape lush with wildlife, mountains and beauty it became the home of an Ancient and powerful being. But this creature was deep-seated with evil beyond measure and it's very presence began to wither the terrains beauty. Plants and animals died out, the earth darkened and turned to stone and the great mountains crumbled to nothing leaving a barren and blackened wasteland encrusted with the darkness and evil that the being reveled in. The Dwarves feared this evil would spread and grow to take over their home and so sent an army to vanquish the entity. Thousands died in the great war that raged between the two species and after years of bloodshed they were finally able to defeat it. But the evil wasn't about to just die out, with its remaining power it exploded wiping out the Dwarven forces sent to defeat it. The earth-shattering tremor split the fragile rock in two. The ground tore apart opening up a bottomless ravine straight into the void. With the tremor felt in nearby settlements, further reinforcements were sent fearing the Dwarves failure. When they arrived to find no trace of any life the wasteland was condemned for bringing nothing but death to their race and left abandoned.
     Millennia later; three Architects ventured to the site in hopes of building their final monument. The Rift was seen as a gap between the two worlds; the living and the dead. One side connected to the rest of the Dwarven homeland, the other isolated from all life. They set about building an elaborate array of catacombs to honour the dead. Bridges were constructed joining the two worlds to allow open access to the many graves strewn within the walls of the tunnels. They carved deeper into the walls of the ravine unearthing gold, stone and other riches, but the Architects saw no value in the materials. They went ever deeper and constructed the Hall of the Dead, the 8 tombs it holds said to be in memory of the Generals that died taking the region back from the evil. The Architects cast their insignia into the roof of the tomb and began work on their own resting place; The Crypt. Each Architect built their own grave and upon completion of the monument they sealed themselves in their tomb.
     As the Dwarven race saw it's inevitable demise at the hands of the monsters, a legion fled to the barren Blackrock wastelands in hopes of establishing a colony unnoticed by the evil decimating the realm. But the evil followed them there. Hiding in their shadows, the monsters caught up to them as they reached the Rift. In an attempt to isolate themselves from the monsters they caved in the tunnels and escaped across the bridges. But what they found was a dead end. The path descended into a tomb with no escape. With no way out of the Rift they prepared for the only thing they knew, war. The Bridges served as a chokepoint for the monsters and it was imperative they defend this point, with their enemy funneled over a deathly abyss it is their only means of surviving the onslaught. But a wrong step and the Dwarves will find themselves in the nothingness. As the monsters burrowed through the cave-in they began to attack the group. With their numbers limitless and their power ever-growing the monsters' victory is ensured, these Dwarves had built their tomb. And they will bury them in it.

Scorched Canyon

Created by: Doom_Bringer

The first shrine and entrance to the keep of Scorched Canyon.
     Deep in the heart of the Dwarven homeland stands a sacred civilization. Built in the youth of the Dwarven race, the Ancients that erected the structures have long been forgotten but the monuments they left behind stand as a testament to Dwarven ingenuity. The once bountiful canyon was filled with lush wildlife but it held another secret, one of riches. With their quest for gold legendary, the Dwarves mined into the very walls of the ravine. The riches they found within the walls of the canyon were plentiful and so they continued. Lost in their greed they didn't notice the impending evil set to cleanse the world of dwarvenkind, they didn't notice the oncoming hordes sent to slay their brothers and sisters, and they didn't notice the Dragon that glazed their canyon... Trees turned to ash, the soil melted beneath their feet, the water boiled away and all life was diminished.
     Tainted with death, the once Sacred Canyon was abandoned, it wasn't until the dying days of Dwarven kind that they returned. Hoping to change their fate they set about preparing for war. With a decrepit front wall, a fading tree and ample resources the outlook seemed bleak. But the keep is extensive; reaching deep into the crust of the Earth. The Great Hall filled with literature of Dwarven History and a commemorative fresco, now holds the tools of war. The retreat from the mine now serves as a hold for the hallowed Shrine. Spiraling downwards, the forges that formerly processed all the minerals from the mine fell into disrepair and the room was sealed. The remnants of said mine were outfitted to hold The Grand Boltazeer Shrine, the last hope for defending their heritage. Isolated and outnumbered, four shrines are all that stand in the monsters’ way before they can finally claim the Canyon for themselves.

Nisovin's Laboratory

Created by: psycholizardboy and Leewp

View of the front wall and guns of Nisovin's Lab.
     Returning home, the Gnome Wizard Nisovin led a troop of dwarves to his lab in the South. Powering up his cannons and heading up into the Observatory, Nisovin saw the monsters on their way within a massive hulking ghost. He taught the dwarves how to shoot his cannons, told them where to be when the monsters came, and prepared them for battle with the endless wealth of gold from the hills surrounding.

The Archives

Created by: Fortfoxtrot

The front wall and first shrine of The Archives.
     Faced with the destruction of their race, the dwarves retreated to Archives, the place of great dwarven knowledge. There they combed through their records in search of a weapon to turn the tide of the devastating battle. Within their books they learned of weapons long gone with unimaginable power; enchanted bricks capable of creating Slabs infinitely, powerful bows possessed by angry spirits or attuned to mother nature herself, and even fallen stars that could pull dwarves to its holder. With their wielders long gone however, and without the means to recreate them, it seemed the Archives didn't hold as much knowledge as they had hoped.

Ancient Grove

Created by: Shovel, Neropolitan, and Lubbock

The entrance to the keep of Ancient Grove.
     After yet another defeat in lands unknown to their current generation, a group of dwarves found themselves delving deep into the forests of the South, hoping to escape the clutches of the monsters that plagued them for a millennia. As such, they stumbled on a lost civilization surrounded by mountains and overgrowth. They made quick work of the woodland around, building paths and digging for resources to climb up the ladder.
     One day, the group of dwarves made a tremendous discovery: a huge temple with its entrance built into an overhang in the mountains. They turned the rundown temple into a forum of sorts; placing a dias shrine in the center to act as a tribute to those of the old.
     Things, however, began to change drastically for the group. After a lonely dwarf burrowed his way into a massive cave, full of ore deposits and minerals as far as the eye could see. The dwarves built one last shrine in the center of the cave in order to give thanks to the land. Little did they know, the terrain far off would begin to change monumentally as a punishment for its rediscovery. Slowly but surely, the area and its life began to die off and corrupt. Eventually, a demonic portal would form out of the land, plaguing some of its residents and bringing back the same threat the dwarves worried about for years. The monster plague had arisen on their new lands. Every remaining dwarf that had not succumbed to the wretched curse picked up their swords, bows, and shovels, and prepared to face the enemy head-on.

Belly of the Beast

Created by: FallDamage312, a_tebboth, and Team Neutral

View of the ships of the Belly of the Beast.
     The S.S. Anne and the S.S. Tebboth, filled with survivors from Trojan Keep come upon a mysterious island. Nicknamed Neutral Isle by the crew, it was an island filled with vast secrets and buried treasure…
     One fateful night however, the dwarves awoke to a crash, the Anne had been attacked by a massive sea monster, hungering for her shrine! As if it couldn’t have been any worse, the volcano on the mountain erupts, but not just lava, monsters as well! The dwarven crew set to reinforce their ships and make one last stand, sink or swim on the high seas, fearing they might soon lie in Davy Jones’s locker.


Created by: a_tebboth and Team Neutral

View of the mountain of Hergesnerv.
     HERGESNERV THE UNFATHOMABLE. That was the name inscribed at the top of the archway in front of the Mythril chains holding down a ship that appeared to be of monster origin. Though they didn’t quite understand how it got there and who chained it down, it was clear to the dwarves that the monsters wanted it back. A strong and surprisingly coordinated force of monsters armed with catapults and battering rams would make their way to the dwarven keep in order to free what was once theirs; and crush the dwarves that stood in their way.

Trojan Keep

Created by: a_tebboth and Team Neutral

The town of Troy which houses the final dwarven shrine of Trojan Keep.
     The town of Troy was built with a large keep overlook, its sight would span most of the surrounding landscape and solidified Troy’s safety. It was never thought that the threat of Troy could come from their protector itself; the Keep.
     A gift, sent from a boat with no identifying documentation, promised great weaponry, armor, and food stocks. The residents felt there was no greater place to keep such a stockade then at their impenetrable keep. Overnight however, the gift would spawn a more sinister purpose and root a massive monster portal. The dwarves had no choice, they began to flee to the port at Troy and sail to find the security they had once had, leaving their home behind.

Forgotten Mines

Created by: Konpaatre, Miano_, TheGaront

The entrance to the Forgotten Mines themselves.
     In service during a bygone age, the Northcott mines were one of the dwarven empire’s premier gold sources. After a tragic cave-in, the entire mine would collapse, causing most of the miners to meet their tragic demise, the main chamber to become inundated with magma, and the entrance sealed.
     It was centuries later the mine was rediscovered, found from structures buried and forgotten that had resurfaced after large mudslides. Supplies were brought to the mine to reopen the entrance and begin a new mining operation. Before said efforts could commence however, the dwarves would feel an evil presence watching them…
     An evil presence had awoken! With it, a monster horde would spew and occupy the mines, destroying the defenders, and leaving the mine to be forgotten for centuries once more.

Queen's Citadel

Created by: MegaFitzy

The front of Queen's Citadel.
     In a place where reality shifts and fades, where light bends around islands in the clouds, Queen Enelyahs built her prison. Those that defy her words, break her laws, and ignore her decrees would be sent there. They did not require guards or walls, as there was no escape; falling off the islands meant death. Supplies would be sent to the prisoners in exchange for something that could only be created at the Citadel: Rainbows. Produced from light passing through the magic color trees, liquid rainbows would flow and be processed into solid ones for export by the prisoners.
     While reality can bend to produce wonder with rainbows, it can also produce horror. An amalgamation of eyeballs, tentacles, and corruption would spew the demon hordes upon the prison. Without any other choice, Queen Enelyahs chose to send armaments to those prisoners that remained in order to protect her factory. If they succeed, they were promised a pardon. One they are unlikely to see...

Deadwood Spires

Created by: Cocoa15

The first shrine and front of the keep of Deadwood Spires.
     Airships are primarily of gnomish design, but on the edge of gnome lands there are few dwarven settlements, forcing those that do exist to trade with the gnomes frequently and necessitating some understanding of airship design. Having constructed an airship port across a narrow pass through the Kaolmar Mountains, the dwarves would not only survive, but thrive through trade. Since gusts of air carry the ships with great speed, the pass was especially popular with shipping companies and traders and thus so was the port. Within this port also stood a crown jewel, paid for with all the riches merchants had brought: The Scarlet Armoury; which armed guards to enforce fair trade for all those passing through.
     Even with the Armoury though, the dwarves could not be prepared for the plague brought upon their domain. The great trees on the outskirts of the land would wither and die, turning to Deadwood, oozing a foul stench of death over the area and sending merchants fleeing. The narrow pass, once a valley of riches, would sprout spikes made of rapidly growing Deadwood roots, popping the few airships that dare to fly through. With the port decaying, the remaining dwarves began to load up the supplies and weaponry they could into the few airships left and prepared to evacuate until they were interrupted by the dragon Rednamrahc. Spitting the undead over the landscape, the dwarves must poise to guard their port from the beast and its hordes as the last bits of supplies are packed and they can escape.


Created by: TheKazbot, Samsterzzzzz, SirSpammo, StormKiller, ComKreaper

Monster spawn and the front wall of Rainbowland.
     Deep within Bruce’s dreams, another battle between the dwarves and the monsters plays out. Instead of being on the old tired battlefields however, this one was made of cotton candy trees, ice cream clouds, and rainbows abound. Even in those dreams however, the dwarves cannot stem their inevitable demise, despite the world so wondrous..

The Dirge

Created by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

The entire keep of The Dirge.
     In the glacial valleys of the North, a keep degrades. Echoes travel through the canyons of a lament, a dirge for those dwarves that had last stood defending that frozen land. It is a song that the dwarves did not believe they’d have to sing again so soon.


Created by: demolitiondane

The bridge from first shrine to the keep.
     Though they don't interact often, the dwarven and elven lands do have many well-defended trade routes. One such pass, named after the dwarven outpost at one end: Skalamyr, was used for much more than just trade of goods or passage of tourists.
     During the Great H'cet War, elven troops would take control of the passage and overtake the forces at Skalamyr. Entire divisions of elven archers, warriors, and artillery would travel through until they were eventually stopped at the Battle of Marlark. In the peace negotiations the dwarves and elves would share a weary ownership over the pass. The dwarves would set up several checkpoints throughout their part to alert of any unusual movement from the elven side.
     In recent times, Lady Lorelei and her royal guard including Salogel Sureshot took the pass as a show of good faith in their diplomatic mission through heavily defended territory. Little did the dwarves know that they would have to use those defenses to fight side by side with elven nobles against their brethren that had fallen so long ago.

Windy Run River

Created by: Fornan_II

The forward shrine of Windy Run River.
     Originally constructed as an astronomical device of Gnomish design, the lens hidden within the canyon walls of the Windy Run River was combined with the power of a dwarven shrine. Through this glorious combination the area would become a fertile canyon for not only crops, but for ores as well, generated from the power of the dwarven shrine amplified by the lens.
     The dwarves would create a town within the walls of the canyon with bridges to cross to the most important areas therein. They would awaken to the sounds of the large clock at the center and go to farm and mine right on the edge of the arid wastes, prosperous and rewarded for their faith in the shrine.
     This display of great power would not go unnoticed however. Great beasts and the spirits of the fallen traverse the sands. With the rising activity and commotion within the canyon, monsters and marauders alike would descend to take the riches for their own. The dwarves must defend their home from the coming hordes and giant sand worms, or find that the additional power they gained is the agent of their undoing.

Shipwreck Shore


The forward shrine of Windy Run River.

Nismas HQ

Created by: Gina and LOM Community

First shrine and factory entrance of Nismas HQ.
     A factory run by small, gnome-like “elves” to make presents for Nismas time. From things like stuffed bears and toy wagons to powerful weapons and armor, they’d give all the good inhabitants of the realm wonderful gifts!
     Nismas was not a time of joy for all though, the monsters had no hope to be given gifts, and so they set about conquering the factory so they too could have new toys. The dwarves weren’t about to let this happen, and set up defenses to keep the factory and their presents safe.

Arcane Towers

Created by: SirSpammo

View of the Light Tower from monster spawn.
     The dwarves have found themselves in the land of wizardry! An arena for the Wizard Tournament: King of the Golden Monocle; has been overrun with the monster hordes. The dwarves must do their best to protect the four conduits of magical energy: the Light, Dark, Ice, and Mushroom towers in order to keep the monsters at bay. As when one falls, the balance of magic will be offset and unable to protect the dwarves any longer!

Geyser Rock

Created by: JTHousek1

View of the Geyser Shrine and the entrance to the keep of Geyser Rock.
     Hidden in one of the most inhospitable regions of the realm, high in the Turakc Mountains, lies a keep. Named after the geysers that give the dwarves the warmth necessary to survive, Geyser Rock served as a retreat for relaxation and training away from the battlefield. As of late, a much larger dwarven force has retreated here and intends to hide from the monster hordes overtaking the realm, but inadvertently will bring about the keep’s destruction…
     Buried beneath one of the mountains lies a massive and ancient evil: The Colossus. Dormant for centuries, it has been awakened by the influx of dwarves entering the area, and has begun climbing out of the mountain from its peak. Spewing from its mouth comes the endless monster horde, poised to bring about an end to every last dwarf, and have silence fall once more on Geyser Rock.

The Incinerator

Created by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

View of the keep of The Incinerator and its sole shrine.
     A relatively small building in the Malkar Pine Barrens, ‘The Incinerator’ is a building constructed to burn the bodies of the undead so that they would not rise again; or at least if they did, they’d be in charred shambles. Distant from any major dwarven keeps, the small team would operate day and night cremating bodies, some slain in distant lands and others by their own hand.

Redstone Gorge

Created by: IllusionarySpy

The front wall and first shrine of Redstone Gorge.
     An abandoned outpost in the Sethobli region, this keep originally held operations for a mine of a grand mechanical resource: redstone. Built in a strategically significant, heavily defensible gorge, it was outfitted to withstand attacks from rival empires. While it has seen better days, the dwarves saw no better place to set a foothold against the impending undead horde.

Hinterland Frontier

Created by: Imanota, with edits by the Gazebo Build Team

The staircase leading to the entrance to the keep of Hinterland Frontier.
     Uncharted frontier lies in the Hinterland, a place few dwarves have ventured and even less have come back from. Stories of great spiritual beasts, horrifying monsters, clandestine tribes, powerful heroes, and other fantastical tales come from these lands. It is here, between civilization and wasteland that the dwarves would seek to hide from the monsters and flourish. As noble as their cause, it was not to be… the monsters would find them even here too. Dwarves fear-stricken by the proposition of a ghostly bear now have packs of bloodthirsty wolves at their doorstep, ready to exploit their fear at a moment’s notice.

Plagued Marsh

Created by: MegaFitzy, with edits by the Gazebo Build Team

The front wall, first shrine, and second shrine of Plagued Marsh.
     The tar pits of the Plagued Marsh are some of the oldest in existence, swallowing up centuries old beasts and monsters. With that time and acquired materials though came something more; something more sinister lurking, sentient and angry beneath the marsh. A swamp beast would form, standing tall with the dwarven keep, it formed demons from the remains it had swallowed up. Dwarves with decaying flesh, all the flesh stripped from their bones, or their entire form shifted spewed from its mouth, and they would advance to the dwarven shrines to claim the living too for the marsh.

Eryn Envala

Created by: TheDoctor1138 and Scrael

The entrance to the keep at Eryn Envala.
     A long time ago, chaos reigned over Elya. Dwarves, along with many creatures of the forest were terrorized by an evil force and were forced to seek refuge. Months passed, all hope was lost; until one day, a brave young Salogel took Nohdalag, a powerful bow crafted by the royal guard to defeat the source of the evil.
     In the following centuries, the story of Salogel became legend and young elves and dwarves alike celebrated the hero. However, unbeknownst to them, the Evil was returning. Larger dwarven holdfasts had already fallen, while some had already fallen back to the mysterious forest of Envala.
     A small, sacred forest, it was home to the elven keep that held Nohdalag until the one worthy to wield it came forth. Throughout centuries several had tried wielding its power, only for them to fall in battle, unable to bear its full strength. It is here that the elves and dwarves prepared to fight their final battle; one which they could not win.

Golestandt's Den

Created by: MasterMegaGamer and Oldmantoby

The forward shrine and monster spawn of Goldestand's Den.
     A beautiful Dwarven water treatment center and an essential component to making Dwarven Healing Ale. It rests on the shores of the east ocean.
     Annoyed by the Dwarves great success, Golestandt became envious and slaughtered everyone who was unlucky enough to be living there. For many years the Dwarves did not return out of fear that challenging Golestandt would destroy their civilization.
     But, circumstances made it necessary that they return and recolonize. Upon arrival, they did not find Golestandt, but instead a various assortment of great eggs.
     The dwarves began using the eggs as a power source for their work since they emanated great energy. This was not a wise decision however, because Dragons do not like others in their den.

Accretion Ridge

Created by: FallDamage312 and Alderdash

The bridge to the emerald factory of Accretion Ridge.
     Some distant islands hold secrets long forgotten, possibly waiting to be rediscovered. On one such island a volcano holds an old magnet created by Sprocket for the intention of attracting meteorites. Using the stardust harvested from this accretion, dwarves and elves alike created a factory in order to produce Star Trinkets and Regrowth Stars.
     Outfitted to service hundreds of ships at any given time, this port was equipped to ship supplies out to the furthest reaches of the realm. With high production eventually came shortages however, and the supply of stardust eventually ran down to the point of almost non-existence. With no strategic importance and no way to retro-fit the factories on the island, it was left abandoned.
     Sailing, desperate to find salvation, a group of dwarves would come upon the island; but not alone. On the other side of the island would come a ship full of demons, ready to take control of the old factory for their own wicked machinations. Set to prevent catastrophe, the dwarves would scrounge what little resources they could find to prepare armaments for the monster assault on the beaches...