Nisovin's Illusion

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Nisovin's Illusion is a Major Hero and an illusion (or maybe not) of the gnome wizard Nisovin. Being particularly complicated, he shares little abilities with normal dwarves or even his fellow heroes. With his random spells, incredible range, and smaller player model, Nisovin is a powerful oddity on the battlefield.

The gnome wizard Nisovin is someone of considerable magic and engineering prowess. With his small stature, fantastic devices, and eccentric personality, Nisovin is somewhat of a friend to the dwarven general Bruce Willakers, venturing further than the rest of his race ever dare to protect dwarven shrines. Though mostly interested in testing out his devices and showing off his powerful spells such as Super Shield, Wormhole, and possibly even the ability create perfect illusions of himself, Nisovin does care for his dear friend and hopes to find a way to break his curse, even if it means going down with him... or at least, in essence.


Nisovin has the standard Major Hero kit, as well as his Gnomish Rocket Boots. He also carries the Wand of Limited Probabilities and the dual-function ranged and melee weapon Tinder Flame MV711.

Tinder flame mv711.png

Tinder Flame MV711

It's not as good as the Mark 583, but it's a lot less likely to blow up.
  • Right click acts as hitscan weapon that fires a beam in a line that deals 13 damage on hit, but is somewhat difficult to hit Rats and Wolves with. Firing this weapon also slightly knocks Nisovin back, so checking his footing is advised. Any monster within 5 blocks of Nisovin however will take no damage. These shots have a 2 second cooldown between them.
  • This gun also acts as Nisovin's sword with the same stats as a Dwarven Runeblade, and also counts for sword kills for the purposes of obtaining the Paladin title.

Wand of limited probabilities.png

Wand of Limited Probabilities

Mathematically the odds of all my spells casting is the same, but then again I was never as good at math as I am at magic.
  • Right clicking the Wand of Limited Probabilities casts Super Shield and gives all dwarves, as well as Nisovin himself, 20 absorption hearts that last as long as it takes to lose them via damage, or for 30 seconds. This ability has a 90 second cooldown.
  • Left clicking the Wand of Limited Probabilities has a 15 second cooldown that throws out a slow-moving projectile that, upon landing, fires a randomly chosen spell from the following list:
    • Wormhole: A 20 block radius black hole that raises monsters 5 blocks into the air, doing some damage and grouping them up.
    • Dwarven Ale: Gives all monsters in a 4 block radius Slowness II, Mining Fatigue II, Weakness II, Nausea II, and Silence (not able to use cooldown abilities like leap) for 10 seconds.
    • Knockback 50: A 4 block radius cloud that knocks back all monsters within it.
    • Tinder Flame: A 4 block radius attack that does 10 damage and launches monsters into the air.
    • Explosion: A 4 block radius attack that does 10 damage to monsters hit by it.
  • Holding the Wand of Limited Probabilities also gives Nisovin Knockback Resistance, which is useful if his Gnomish Hero Helmet has broken.

Diamond boots.png

Gnomish Rocket Boots

I just gotta get down low and waaaaahhooooooooo!
  • Shifting while wearing the rocket boots will cause Nisovin to launch about 50 blocks horizontally on a 20 second cooldown.
  • These boots also have Feather Falling V.

Tips as Nisovin

  • During build phase Nisovin has a lot of spare time due to spawning with much of the supplies he needs, thus he can spend his time building or mining gold, doing actions to support the dwarves as a whole. He can also traverse the map much quicker than any dwarf can with the use of his Gnomish Rocket Boots.
  • Nisovin can use his small size to avoid being spotted by monsters at range. Hiding one block lower than usual will mean that he is almost completely obscured to monsters, but able to see himself. He can also make use of his size to kite monsters such as Iron Golems to deal armor damage without taking damage himself.
  • When it comes to Tinder Flame, the aiming is a bit finicky, though the best results usually come from when Nisovin aims at the monsters' feet. Since Tinder Flame can start rampages and acts like a sword, periodically just shooting with it will fire a beam that will one shot monsters that can be killed with a rampage as long as they are at least 5 blocks away.
  • Nisovin can also use a bow while waiting for the cooldown on his Tinder Flame to stay in combat.
  • Using the Wand of Limited Probabilities left click to cast spells as often as possible is advised since the spell produced is entirely random, and the effects almost never have a downside.
  • The spells Tinder Flame and Explosion when cast during a rampage can also one shot any monster in the 4 block radius who can be killed with a rampage as long as Nisovin switches to his melee weapon before the spell lands.
  • Casting Super Shield with the right click on the Wand of Limited Probabilities can save dwarves from certain death. Whether fighting Wolves or Venomburners at night, or Iron Golems at any time, the 20 absorption hearts can lessen the damage taken for a short time. Its greatest use however is to save dwarves from falling from a great height after being launched by a Super Creeper, almost completely negating the fall damage. It should be noted however that not using the Super Shield for extended periods of time can be wasteful, so it should be used timely, but not without reason.
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots can serve as a quick getaway in almost any situation, completely removing Nisovin from the horde of monsters he may find himself stuck in. Nisovin can also use them to quickly close a gap to high value monster targets like Blaze Cannons or simply to get to the next AI Zombie to continue his rampage. Though the boots may seem more of a novelty, the freedom of movement Nisovin employs is more valuable than it may seem.