Resource Packs

From The Gazebo

Dwarves vs Zombies uses a custom resource pack, which is required to experience the game in full. The server has two versions of the resource pack that you are able to select from, a default version as well as a higher resolution faithful version. These can be swapped using the /resourcepack command or going through the menu with /menu. It is highly recommended that you use any 1.8 version BEFORE 1.8.9 as they properly cache the resource packs so you do not have to download it every time.

Resource Pack Errors

If you are unable to get the resource pack due to your game crashing, navigate to your Minecraft directory and create a folder called server-resource-packs Some versions of Minecraft do not create this folder and cause a game crash when attempting to download a resource pack.

Resource Pack Downloads

If you would like to download the resource pack, below are links to do so. Keep in mind you will need to re-download the resource pack after any server updates are made.