Rush Mode

From The Gazebo

Rush Mode is a special mode for DvZ games in which game progress is sped up considerably compared to normal. If Rush Mode is enabled in a game, it will be shown as such in the lobby game portal and in the Discord game status channel. Rush Mode is occasionally enabled by admins for special games, and can also be enabled automatically if a game starts close to the Saturday event game time.

Rush Mode makes the game progress much faster and can prove much more challenging for dwarves. Rush Mode games can be quite different from normal DvZ games, and because of these gameplay changes achievements and quest progress are disabled in Rush Mode.

Gameplay Changes

  • Heroes do not spawn in Rush Mode, regardless of player count
  • Build phase is significantly shorter, meaning dwarves have little time to prepare defenses
  • Dwarves spawn with armor, tools, weapons and increased starting supplies
  • More players plague (in larger games)
  • Shrine shields are disabled
  • Shrine regeneration rates are reduced
  • Monsters receive more mana
  • Special monster waves happen more frequently