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Gazebo DvZ is updated regularly with gameplay changes, new features, bug fixes and quality of life improvements. This page lists significant additions and changes which affect gameplay or user experience, but generally does not list bug fixes, small tweaks, or behind-the-scenes changes which aren't noticeable in-game. You can also read about updates in the announcements channel on our community Discord server. Note that changes listed on this page may have been superseded by subsequent updates.

To keep this page a reasonable length, older updates will be periodically moved to archive pages - keep this in mind when linking to specific updates.

September 2020


  • New Quest: Big Spender
  • Map vote revamp
    • Instead of being added to the regular map rotation for the weekend, the winning map is now queued at a specific time on Saturday
    • If another game begins close to the event game time, it may start with Rush Mode enabled to help keep to schedule
    • Voting for the next week's map now opens on Sunday
  • Added statistic to the end game stats box for mana spent as a monster


  • New stats season (Season 6)

August 2020


  • Resource packs updated
  • Dwarven Slabs reworked:
    • Now use a unique block material, to allow more fine tuning
    • Cannot be mortared/super mortared up to blue brick
    • Can be broken faster by hand than blue brick
    • Still produce blue brick slabs if used directly next to the shrine (for building shrine boxes)
    • No longer have a chance of spawning Spiderlings when used
    • Renamed to Dwarven Slabs
  • Infiltrator skeleton upgrade options have been changed to bring their power more in line with other skeleton classes
  • Map name and player count now display on the boss bar during the game start countdown
  • After rolling a long (60s+) rampage, you are now told the rampage duration and how many monsters you killed
  • Other players can now hear Alfon's Hookshot landing on the ground nearby
  • Other players can now hear Arianna's pylon being placed
  • Hero voices have been removed, ahead of an upcoming revamp
  • Increased the amount of cobblestone gained from digging gravel
  • Added a chance for mining gold ore to give additional gold (to compensate for less gravel being dug)
  • Mortar used after monster release now has a better chance of turning blocks near your crosshair blue
  • Maps now cycle automatically if a game fails to start for too long
  • Several Rush Mode improvements including new explanatory text
  • Rotated Mason Brick texture to feel more like a weapon
  • Disabled note blocks



July 2020


June 2020


  • You can now see who is queued for a game in the lobby by pressing tab


  • New lobby
    • New PvE arena where you can kill zombies using different weapons
    • New lobby cosmetics, toys and consumables can be purchased with lobby gold (earned by playing games)
  • New website and guide
  • New queue system
    • When joining a game, you now stay in the lobby until there are enough queued players for the game to start
    • Once there are enough players and the countdown begins, all queued players are moved into the game automatically
  • New Quest: Bloody Murder
  • New stats season (Season 5)
  • Bruce has been adjusted to bring him in line with other heroes
    • Now obeys rampage immunity (i.e. can't proc golems or Death's Servant)
    • Attack damage and rampage duration reduced
    • Now has Momentum and Scavenger
    • Knockback resistance has been moved to his sword
    • Now able to spawn in games with 25 or more players
  • Lorelei tweaks
    • Regrowth Pendant's health and mana restore rates have been halved, with mana cost also halved
    • Range on levitation ability reduced
    • Ethereal Longbow beam regeneration rate reduced
  • Death's Servant improvements
    • Placing a doom portal now restores your chestplate durability and identifies you in chat
    • If a shrine falls while your portal is open, you will now receive some bonus mana
    • Teleport ability adjusted to make it less likely to teleport you into walls or outside the map
  • You are now notified if you earn a normal (non-rare) achievement you previously unlocked
  • Repeated normal (non-rare) achievements are now included in the end-game summary box
  • Two new achievements added
  • A few existing achievements have had their rarity changed or have been retired
  • New statistics have been added to the end-game summary box, including solo time survived
  • New option to toggle between all and reduced death messages
  • Added a confirmation screen before you reset monster upgrades
  • Bruce, Lorelei and Salogel can now use normal bows without having their special hero effects
  • Infiltrator Skeletons' final upgrade (Potent Formula) now gives Weakness II (up from Weakness I)
  • Impact Skeletons' Siege Cannon ability now scales with bow draw
  • Slabs can no longer be placed in mid-air
  • Right-clicking seppuku now requires you to stand still for the duration of the cast time
  • Armor breaking sounds have been changed to help distinguish between dwarves and monsters
  • Super Creeper fuses have a new audio cue which should be more consistent for dwarves
  • Wolves now make passive sounds

May 2020


  • Implemented a new respawning system for monsters to reduce network traffic
  • New Quest: Torch Trouncer

April 2020


  • New Quest: Lifetime Commitment


  • Added a permanent status effect to prevent inventory GUI jumping around


March 2020


  • Changed how player slots work
    • When you leave a game, your slot is now reserved for 60 seconds
    • While alive, heroes now have their slots reserved indefinitely
    • For the first 60 seconds after a new game opens, a small number of priority slots are reserved for players who did not join the previous game


  • New stats season (Season 4)

February 2020



  • Increased some experience rewards
    • Achievement rewards have all been increased by 100 XP
    • Weekly map poll now gives 100 XP (up from 30)


  • Two new plague events have been added, and the existing plagues have been updated slightly to make them more interesting
  • Zombies who are killed immediately after rebirthing now lose their rebirth point
  • Rebirth chance has been slightly increased
  • Impact skeleton TNT explosions have a smaller radius and no longer damage dwarves, though they still take knockback
  • Death's Servant is now immune to Holy Purifier


  • New Quest: Shrine Siphoner

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