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A pack of wolves approaches.

Wolves are special monsters capable of extremely high damage on dwarves in the dark and are incredibly agile. Their abilities are extremely similar to that of a fully upgraded Zombie, with some slight variances.


Wolf fangs.png

Wolves are given Wolf Fangs:

  • With a left click, the Wolf will deal damage which is drastically increased with the Strength effect they gain in darkness via their ability Fury of the Night. With a smaller hitbox, strong lifesteal, and speed upon hitting a dwarf, wolves excel in melee combat and can catch unsuspecting dwarves off guard with their high damage.
  • With a right click, the Wolf will leap through the air, able to hop over most walls and away from danger or towards dwarves to attack them.

Monster Role

  • Wolves should constantly be looking for dark areas to be able to strike dwarves with their Strength-enhanced melee attack. Leaping around the map into and out of these areas are the typical routes wolves will take in their attack strategy.
  • Within melee range wolves should look to kite dwarves using the speed they gain from attacking. Moving back and forth to avoid sword swings will be effective in avoiding a rampaging dwarf. If the dwarf is about to hit the Wolf, they can also leap away avoiding the attack altogether.
  • Even if a dwarf seems capable of outhealing the Wolf damage, the continued pressure will deplete their mana and armor much quicker than other monsters can manage, and can be done constantly.
  • Though inheriting Rapid Regeneration from their zombie counterpart upon getting struck by an arrow, the Wolf version is less potent. The window of time a dwarf has to hit the Wolf with successive shots is much larger and so wolves should avoid ranged combat altogether since they have no means of fighting back in such a scenario.

Dwarven Strategy

  • Wolves are extremely dangerous melee threats that should be dealt with before they can cause major damage in the darkness. Fighting them in the light, with a rampage, or outside melee range with a bow are advisable.
  • Wolves passively make growling sounds out of combat, making it easier to know when they are nearby.
  • Due to their reduced Rapid Regeneration when struck by an arrow dwarves are much more capable of killing a Wolf with successive bow shots than their zombie counterpart.
  • Starting a rampage with a Wolf is difficult due to their lifesteal capability and speed from hitting a dwarf. It is much easier to start a rampage with an AI zombie and roll it to kill the Wolf instead.