Lance Willakers

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Lance Willakers is a Major Hero and is a stalwart guard of every shrine; an impenetrable wall of unending strength. His kit revolves around increasing the resistances of himself and his fellow dwarves.

Lance Willakers is the son of Bruce Willakers, and has a lot to live up to. Trained by Grand Paladin Ziros, Lance is extremely capable in melee combat, but is still looking for something to prove. With his sword gifted by Ziros and forged in Randinburg, and his shield gifted from his father and enchanted by Nisovin, Lance seeks even more dangerous escapades to show his inattentive father and the rest of the dwarves that he is not just a boy, he is a man.


In addition to the standard Major Hero kit, Lance also receives the Holy Longsword and the Runeblessed Shield.

Holy longsword faithful.png

Holy Longsword

You may not be your father Lance, but I have faith that with this sword you'll slay more of the undead than even the best of my men.
  • The Holy Longsword is extremely similar to the Dwarven Runeblade except for one core difference. Instead of being able to hit monsters a maximum of 5 blocks away, the Holy Longsword can hit them 6 blocks away.
  • As a result of the additional reach, the Holy Longsword also has a larger hit region, meaning monsters on the peripheral of the crosshair can also be hit when they normally wouldn't be.

Runeblessed shield.png

Runeblessed Shield

When the dwarves start to fall it will all but up to you Lance and with this shield you can be the bulwark against the endless undead hordes. When that happens, you'll have proven to us all that you're a man, my son.
  • Holding the Runeblessed Shield gives Lance Resistance II and all dwarves in a 15 block radius Resistance I.
  • Right clicking the shield initiates Resolute, giving all dwarves Resistance I, Speed I, and Knockback Resistance for 15 seconds as indicated by the gold particles circling at their waist. This ability has a cooldown of 120 seconds.
  • The Runeblessed Shield can also roll a rampage like a Dwarven Runeblade or Dwarven Shovel, and also counts for sword kills for the purposes of obtaining the Paladin title, but does only have 5 Attack Damage.
  • Holding the Runeblessed Shield also gives Lance Knockback Resistance, which is useful if his Dwarven Hero Helmet has broken.

Tips as Lance

  • During build phase Lance has a lot of spare time due to spawning with much of the supplies he needs, thus he can spend his time building or mining gold, doing actions to support the dwarves as a whole.
  • Lance's ability to obtain a rampage is greatly enhanced due to the Holy Longsword's larger hit region at the extended reach range. Being able to hit monsters on his peripherals allows him to hit them much easier than usual. His extended range also gives him the ability to hit monsters on the top of most Shrine Boxes from below. He can also use his sword when rampaging to "sweep" a shrine room, clearing out all the monsters within. This is especially useful when a shrine is raised, since the larger melee hit region can kill monsters out of sight hiding in the corners.
  • Though it can be tempting to use the Holy Longsword in every situation, when near other dwarves or even by himself the Runeblessed Shield is a stronger melee weapon due to its constant Knockback Resistance and Resistance II to himself, and the Resistance I to his fellow dwarves is immeasurable in its strength. Switching between the two weapons much like how Gravediggers switch between the Dwarven Runeblade and their Dwarven Shovel can utilize the extra range of the Holy Longsword for getting and maintaining a rampage while switching to the Runeblessed Shield to simply roll it is optimal.
  • Casting Resolute with the right click on the Runeblessed Shield can save dwarves from certain death, especially when traversing over high places. Whether fighting Wolves or Venomburners at night, or Iron Golems at any time, the Resistance can lessen the damage taken for a short time and allow for much more freedom of movement. It is especially useful when retreating over bridges or near cliffs, since the Knockback Resistance allows dwarves to stay in combat while not getting knocked around by monsters and reach a safer location. It should be noted however that not using Resolute for extended periods of time can be wasteful, so it should be used timely, but not too reason.